Angel & James McKay: “Here’s My Heart” is soulfully and spiritually invested!

After 20 years of marriage and writing music together Angel & James McKay release their debut project, the album “The Love Affect”. The album contains a compilation of songs written over the past two decades which chronicle their journey as a couple and as individuals with God. “The Love Affect” encompasses various styles of gospel music from contemporary to traditional. “Here’s My Heart” is the first single lifted off the album.  Angel’s emotion and conviction in the song is penetrating and her sweet, deep and soaring vocals are in prime form throughout.

When you listen to her sing, you can hear that the spirit of the Lord resides in her inner core. You’ll find when you are at your weakest, lowest point, ready to give in to worldly temptation listening to “Here’s My Heart” will always seem to revive and lift you up.

You could easily refer to Angel as a soulful jazz singer or a jazzy soul singer. One description you won’t use is overproduced. Angel & James McKay, are artists who have captured the concept of a casual listening experience in a superbly authentic way.  Although it is not a simple jam, “Here’s My Heart” is draped over a luscious and varied acoustic guitar arrangement, which allows Angel to sing her song and tell her story…clearly.

It is a soundscape that fits her vocal like a glove. Angel is so soulfully invested; her range here challenges the guitar to take its notes further. Her pristine vocals are nothing short of heaven sent as she presents both joyous praises and the ability to find hope in the darkest places.

At a time when it seems that producers and record executives seem eager to shrink music down to a size where it can be drowned in a bathtub. Most of the complaints listeners have about genres geared toward the urban demographic is that so much of the music seems so small – small thematically, small artistically, small creatively.

Values aspiring to make hits rather than aspiring to strive for greatness may be the root of this smallness – and the listeners have noticed. Angel & James McKay have done something opposingly different with “Here’s My Heart”. They have made a big record – big thematically, big artistically and big creatively. Yet they have kept the production down to minimal and intimate. This art is more frequently, called substance over form!


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Author: Rick Jamm

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