Charles Luck: “Lift Off” ft. Tino Red – simple on paper but is very clever and well-written!

After the critically acclaimed and complex album project , “Life on  Mars”, song writer and Black Astronaut project  leader, Charles Luck, is back with a brand new single featuring rapper and singer Tino Red, called “Lift Off”. Charles Luck does not make shallow projects. Grandiosity is part of his charm: His world is melodramatic and vast while remaining entrenched in his most personal thoughts.

While his issues may be his own, he conveys them as important, as if they fit into a larger universal scheme where things have meaning for everybody and happen for a reason. He slowly opened the doors to that world, in “Life on  Mars”. Here on “Lift-Off” he takes his uplifting self-promotional hooks across a bouncy, head-nodding beat.

How often have you heard an artist fit their website link into the lyrics of their songs? Charles Luck goes there and does it by insistently mentioning in the verses. Genius or show-off? Genius, without a doubt. Everyone’s vainly namedropping or repping something, somewhere, or somebody else nowadays. Luck just takes the concept a step further.

I think he really thought outside the box and I applaud him because few artists can craft such a risky concept. Self-promotion can at the very best of times be annoying to the listener, but Tino Red’s warm and playful delivery, eases the impact into a merely fun reminder of where to find the good stuff.

Charles Luck’s music is smooth, relaxing and just a privilege to listen to. He truly is a one of a kind artist that does things his way. Luck makes rap/hip-hop music but he also successfully blends electronica and spacey beats. It’s not the run of the mill rap that you hear every day.

If you haven’t listened to any of his work what you should expect is rap that isn’t heavily coded with things cryptic and so on. And that’s why I love Luck’s music and the way Tino Red raps to it. The result is music that sounds simple on paper but is very artistic and well-written.

What I appreciate the most is the pure honesty of his lyrics. On “Lift-Off” he is inviting the listener into his world. He expresses his dreams, the vulnerabilities and the strengths of his craft and allows you the possibility to join him on his journey and share the joys of his music.

Could there be a nobler way to promote your wares? I think not. Charles Luck is opening the gates, knocking down the doors and welcoming you in. He is unlike any other artist in the industry. He is creating a genre all his own and he just makes the music that he wants. How could you possibly resist the invitation!


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Author: Rick Jamm

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