Charles Luck: “Lost In Space” ft. Tino Red and Limitless, produced by DansonnBeats

Charles Luck lyricist, songwriter, composer, and leader of the Black Astronaut collective is a bit of a dichotomy in hip-hop music. His persona and self-aware style are so far away from the braggadocio that infests the genre in general, yet he along with the Black Astronaut crew is making quite the career of creating lyrical masterpieces supplemented with excellent production. Luck’s style of writing leans more toward poetry, as creates confessional and sometimes confrontational and witty verses over layered instrumentation.

Many hip-hop purists would not consider Charles Luck to be saddled with any genre tag, and now he hits with yet another interesting track in the shape of “Lost In Space” ft. Tino Red and Limitless, produced by DansonnBeats. The track displays all aspects of Luck’s personality as he is not afraid to push boundaries and push his persona to the forefront. This ends up being what pushes this track into greatness.

The uniqueness of delivery is not in the speed of the words spoken or sung, but rather in the character the voices of Tino Red and Limitless. There is a weathered, almost beaten tone, contrasting a melodic and inspiring one, as the two voices detach themselves to play the role of storytellers.

The somber but hopeful tone of the track plays directly into the morose lyrics, and this song is a perfect representation of how Charles Luck shows the ability to mesh the tone of his lyrics with the music provided. The expected quality of penmanship is definitely present as Luck never really holds back on the subject matter and never talks about anything that has already been beaten to death.

The lyrics, the skill, the music are all here, and what makes listeners continue to make their way through Charles Luck’s music is the way that the Black Astronaut singing and rapping crew perform his songs, and the unique perspective that he provides on topics.

Charles Luck is a writer who crafts songs you can casually listen to, but asks that you sit and pay attention to the details. You also can’t deny that he’s one of the most consistent underground writers in hip hop music today.

But aside from that, I know that every release, just like “Lost In Space” ft. Tino Red and Limitless, (Prod. by DansonnBeats), is a journey of reflection, challenging where you’re stuck at, and making you feel like you’re not alone in the shit storm.


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Author: Jacob Aiden

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