Cloudy Wingz: “Everywhere I Go” is a supremely well-crafted track!

Cloudy Wingz is a rapper with a double-edged story. Originally from Port au Prince, Haiti, his biological family was murdered. Adopted in America, he grew up in Indianapolis, Indiana where he shone as a child modeling for clothing catalogs. He was always on TV introducing cartoons on local TV channels. Both art and music lovers, his adoptive parents divorced because of mental and physical abuse. This led to Cloudy being in and out of juvenile detention centers, group homes, therapeutic care centers, military themed boot camps, and psychiatric offices due to his violent outbursts and erratic behavior. It also taught him how to hustle on the streets.

Cloudy Wingz

Cloudy Wingz

Eventually Cloudy Wingz got his act together, investing in various business ventures and focusing on his love for music. This led him to signing up with the Tama Industries label, which brings us directly to his single release, “Everywhere I Go”. Cloudy is a smooth poet. His delivery, word usage and attention to detail is unmatched as he waxes lyrical to his girl on this track.

The song has a tone, theme, plot and story line to it, ultimately setting the moral responsibility of choices and how they affect you, the ones around you, and the one you want to be involved with. Everywhere he goes and in every situation, Cloudy keeps seeing the image of same girl he really has his sights on.

Though it’s essentially a romantic tale, “Everywhere I Go” is a supremely well-crafted track. It’s not the usual trap rap that offers nothing but showy money spending, copious drug use, and constant degrading of women. It’s great storytelling and is meant for those who listen to music for the message, just as much as the catchy hook and driving bass line.

Cloudy Wingz literally just slaps the game into waking up and taking notice. Yes you can talk about women in a rap song without degrading or dissing them. In fact Cloudy proves that you can actually hold a woman in esteem without the fear of being ridiculed by your contemporaries.

In all honesty today has been a great day for rap music, in my book. I have reviewed 2 songs by two different urban artists who do not use misogyny as their keyword into pop paradise. This easily sets artists like Cloudy Wingz apart from the fakeness of the industry, where everybody is obsessed with creating street-cred.

The fact of the matter is that when you’ve truly attained your street-cred growing up, you no longer need to demonstrate it to anybody. To successfully rap you need to dominate your craft, not the streets. Something Cloudy Wingz does with ease, because he’s the real deal!


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Author: Rick Jamm

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