“Don’t Shoot” – Werdperfek ft. Rochelle Rochelle Prod. by Kulateral – a social justice anthem

Produced by Kulateral,“Don’t Shoot” by Werdperfek featuring Rochelle Rochelle is a track about ‘the mistreatment of social equality and the blatant attempt to strip out civil liberties,’ speaking out on the abuse of power and reigniting the ‘Black Lives Matter’ theme. Wearing radical politics on its sleeve, this track should manage to rouse some interesting thoughts. Unafraid to express any of its opinions, as a willing martyr for freedom and equality, this music reflects its views strongly. Mixing witty street-smarts with a political science knowledge, Werdperfek becomes hip-hop’s underground herald on “Don’t Shoot”.

A lyrical rapper Werdperfek’s passion is poetry. Sometimes he relies on direct references to infamous conspiracy theories for lyrical content. I’ll start with the boldness of “Don’t Shoot”, a tribute to Werdperfek’s brazen attitude.

It embodies a fearless style and is a testament to protest, the principles of which code the rapper’s music and mind here. The track is a focused mono-thematic work, which hits its target. Tension and anger are common motifs, made vivid by colorful orchestration.

Across the country, there are more 200 entities involved in direct oversight of local law enforcement agencies. However, despite national trends in the disproportionate impact of lethal force, excessive force, sexual assault and misconduct by law enforcement on the Black community – in conjunction with the lack of discipline of officers or effective measures to deter these force incidents — there remains no national standards for powers and features of civilian oversight of law enforcement.

Federal law enforcement agencies also inflict violence, and have almost no accountability to the most impacted communities. “Don’t Shoot” by Werdperfek ft. Rochelle Rochelle addresses these problems head on.

Besides Werdperfek’s confident flow and Kulateral luscious beat, Rochelle Rochelle brings a heartfelt and soulful vocal to the track. The three help expand the song’s message feverishly, which works towards helping to reform what time and time again is proving our society has become one that deeply needs mending.

With its philosophical notions the song will tirelessly aid in sparking important cultural conversations that have become prominent in political campaign circles and on college campuses alike.

Don’t Shoot” by Werdperfek ft. Rochelle Rochelle and produced by Kulateral, sounds like a true social justice warrior anthem. Both constructive and critical, most can agree that the anthem focusing on social equality – or the lack thereof -serves the important role of sparking conversation about these heavy issues.


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Author: Rick Jamm

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