Free Man – Koinonia [Album Review]

Free Man sculpt a classic sound with the psychedelic shimmering of “Koinonia”. Grooves adorn the entirety of the album as Free Man stop for nothing. Constantly moving forward, Free Man’s vocals and guitar work are full of passion. Harking back to a late 60s kind of mastery, there is something so inviting with the sound. Songs have an intricate quality to them, with each song building off the last. The result of this intertwined approach is an album that is best taken as a cohesive whole, with every song yet a movement in a greater work of art. By far the highlight of the album are the strong vocals and highly poetic lyrics that help to tie the album’s many stylistic choices, from hard rock to funk.

Things start off with great energy on the fiery opener “Bashed In Your Brains”. Sprawling and ambitious in scope is the thoughtful work of “Infinite Radiant”. Emotion pours out of the tenderness of “Ghost In The Machine”. Stripping things down to the essentials is the intimate work of “Til I See Clearly Again”. Offering playful keyboard work and a loose jazz-like rhythm is the spaciousness of “I Am The Storm” where the vocals take on a bluesy affect. Gentle in spirit is the meditative work of “NeoTeric”. Ending the album on a high note is the thoughtful cinematic style of “Steady Heart”.

“Koinonia” delivers a sound that feels so timeless, showing off Free Man’s undeniable chops and ear for melody.


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