Gojko – Sex On The Ceiling

Gojko’s “Sex On The Ceiling” delves into a wild unhinged party spirit. Representing the true power of dance music, the song possesses a dense decadent quality to it. Everything works within the track from the sensual lyricism to the gigantic beats that drive the song forward in a rushed radiant blur. Volume serves the song quite well for this is a song that deserves to be blasted as loudly as possible. Melodically, Gojko goes for a gargantuan approach letting the richness of it all simply wash over the listener. Beats hit hard further punctuating the already crazed mood of the track, for Gojko lets the entirety of the piece feel so free.

Not a moment is wasted in getting started. Right from the beginning the song moves at incredible speeds. Lyrics further emphasize the feeling of the entire track, for everything nicely reaches a fevered pitch quite quickly. Vocals have a flirtatious quality to them, for the synthesizer stabs dance around with such power. Layer upon layer of sound come together into a vast sea. Quite intricate, the usage of various forms of fanfare simply heightens the power of the lyrics as the song reaches an absolute climax. By the very last stretch of the song Gojko lets it all go, with every single sound ringing true in the vast heavily busy vibe.

With “Sex On The Ceiling” Gojko lets everything go loose, resulting in a celebratory joyous atmosphere, one that invites the listener into an ever-swirling sea of sound.


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