Han Sino: “Poetik Art” ft. Greenmaker and Raisin Beatsman

Han Sino uses the modern means of CAM – Software, and Hardware sequencers, as well as digital and analog keyboards and synthesizers, to produce original creations. To these significant tools, he sometimes adds traditional instruments. Inspired by Afro American music fundamentals, world traditional music, and the urban and electronic experiments, Han Sino creates instrumental Nu Jazz and Urban Spoken Word Poetry. As a Spoken Word artist, Sino’s metaphorical and ambiguous texts, contain different reading levels, and leave a large room for the listener’s interpretation. There are numerous, subtle or provocative word play, as well as an abundance of alliterations and assonance’s. And you’ll have to trust me on this one, as Han Sino is a French Spoken Word artist!

Not to worry if you don’t speak French, as the Poetik Art album has many other musical strengths, not least the beats and production which are shared between Han Sino, Greenmaker and Raisin Beatsman. Over the years, Sino has honed his craft and taking Nu Jazz more seriously as a genre.

But at the same time he has developed his love for the Spoken Word. In between he has held one common trait dear, and that is groove. Even though there are plenty of slow dynamics and downtempo soundscapes on this album, the groove is always buried somewhere in the arrangement, just waiting to surface.

From end to end, there’s not been a Han Sino release that I’ve not liked, and even though Poetik Art is different from his usual Nu Jazz stuff, the positive fundamentals in his music still remains. This is still a lush affair, only this time around Sino reshapes and re-contextualizes his signature sound with the help of Greenmaker and Raisin Beatsman.

That’s not to say that these songs are boring or uneventful. In fact, the opposite is true. As the tightly wound arrangements slowly unwind into beautiful vistas. While countless albums have excelled in representing and expressing the spirit of a particular sound Poetik Art” is musically globe-trotting. The release’s overall outlook is boundless.

In the hands of less skilled producers, certain songs on this recording wouldn’t work. Sino’s craftsmanship can sometimes be jaw-dropping, and his creative intelligence and attention to detail is normally what holds his projects together. His music is restlessly innovative, in a non-invasive way.

“Poetik Art” is the kind of album a listener can just sit back, zone out and reminisce to. It’s wonderfully atmospheric, yet is creative enough to be challenging and progressive. It could soothe the worst kind of day, for some moments at least.


GREENMAKER is the producer and beatmaker name of Kendy Kartel, a French rapper based near Paris. GREENMAKER is a very prolific producer who proposes different flavors such as Dancehall, RnB, Zouk, Electro and Hip Hop in general. He has produced tracks for numerous artists in different musical genres. On Han Sino’s “Poetik Art”, he proposes kind of Hip Hop/RnB prodz, plus an experimental interlude. It’s a wink to the 90’s.

RAISIN BEATSMAN is a young British beatmaker based in London, in UK. He mainly produces instrumental tracks in different Electronic Music Genre such as Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Jungle among others. On Han Sino’s “Poetik art”, he proposes futuristic Experimental Hip Hop Funk prodz, with a very original touch. He produces 3 tracks plus one interlude.

HAN SINO produces 6 tracks on his own album, plus one intro and one interlude. The flavors he proposes on “Poetik Art” are very groovy, soulful and Hip Hop with an Old Skool touch.


Poetik Art by Han Sino

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Author: Jacob Aiden

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