“Hearts EP” from Redox Envy delivers a pop sound infused with pure passion

Redox Envy offers a soulful indie dance sound on the inspired “Hearts EP”. Quite beautiful, Redox Envy create a tender energetic take on the classic love song. Throughout the collection Redox Envy pay close attention to the importance of pacing letting the pieces build up in fantastic ways. Drawing from a diverse set of influences such as the R&B glam rock of Prince to the synthesizer led sound of Neon Indian. By choosing such a wide range Redox Envy deliver a sound that positively teems with life. Lyrically the songs focus on the importance of honesty in relationships, of how to truly build a connection with someone special.

Absolutely rushing out of the gate is the anthem of “Is It Loud Enough?”. True to its title the song deserves to be blasted at the highest possible volume. Rushing through the song is full of hyperkinetic energy, with an infectious groove that rests at the song’s very core. Summery in scope is the light and airy sound of “Though I Know The Game”. Delivered with a casual cool there is something so intoxicating about the sound, from the honeyed chorus to the laid-back guitars that glisten on in the distance. Building itself up into a force of nature is the colossal sound of “Higher Than Real Life”. Closing the collection off on a high note is the radio edit of “Is It Loud Enough?”.












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