Hot Rod Hearse: “1973” – Melodic sparks and a thick blues groove

Last time around Hotrod Suzi and Zeff Ryder, of the Irish thrift rock band, Hot Rod Hearse, blew us away with their own homemade brand of retro-rock and roots blues. The duo from Wexford, Ireland were impressive in both their performing and songwriting skills, while the production was as downright authentic as it could possibly be in the year 2016. Come 2017, and Hot Rod Hearse jump right back at us with their sophomore release – the brand new single entitled simply “1973”.

Five words that no one will ever say while listening to this track are: “I can’t hear the guitar.” Indeed, this is a slow burning incendiary box of electric explosives. The track is not only, electric but also eclectic. While the song is squarely under the umbrella of blues and blues rock, it has a unique essence and emotion.

The listener experiences the emotion of a Jonny Lang ballad, the milieu of a Tinsley Ellis song, and the vibe of something straight from the depths of Jimmie Vaughan and The Fabulous Thunderbirds…all twisted by Hotrod Suzi’s sauntering Chrissie Hynde-like vocal delivery. How’s that for the blues!

Burdened with glorious purpose, Hot Rod Hearse has an important job in their part of the world: keeping the blues alive. It’s easy to forget, but most modern music in the average person’s sphere is a descendant of the Blues.

Exploring this archetypal genre helps us to understand our musical heritage and how our music has evolved and diverged respectively. The duo’s swamp-rock roots and blues sound from their previous single not only stays true, but actually digs deeper into the genre’s gooey flavors.

With South African born Zeff Ryder on vocals, guitars and bass channeling the powerful one-man rhythm section, and Liverpudlian Hotrod Suzi ripping through the vocals ,washboard and tambourine, the duo simply slay their newest song.

If you haven’t discovered Hot Rod Hearse, maybe it’s time you started paying attention. Melodic sparks, thick grooves and playful riffs dominate this Wexford-based thrift rock band who will be garnering themselves a truck load of awards pretty soon, and are ready to make huge ripples in the music scene.  “1973” leaves the listener with a heart full of Hot Rod Hearse’s sonorous and impassioned blues and great contentment.


1973 by Hot Rod Hearse

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Author: Rick Jamm

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