Jarom Eubanks: “Almost creation” produces a large dynamic of emotion!

“Almost creation” by up and coming singer-songwriter Jarom Eubanks, is a musical trip full of twists and turns, cutting-edge production, a sparse booming piano driven beat, majestic harmonic flourishes and beautiful modern poetry. He has built an intoxicating soundscape of high emotion, exuberance and fragility. It’s a gleaming achievement in state-of-the-art pop, and at its core is the pure, honest, nuanced, exquisite, aching, soulful vocal styling of Jarom Eubanks.

It is rare to find a song that affects me in such a way that “Almost creation” does. I have a list of no more than a handful of songs that have had the same impact on me this year. The lyrics in the song is heartfelt and packed with as much pathos as possible which, when coupled with the quiet swelling melody to the in-flight sections, produces a large dynamic of emotion.

Jarom Eubanks no doubt knows how to connect with his audience.  He does a great job of conveying meaning and feeling through his music.

Something about the pop sound Eubanks embraces is magnetic. His music is cinematic, his lyrics wiser than his years, and his vocals effortless and soaring.  Languorous and controlled piano riffs run all through “Almost creation” and make for another excellent dimension to the song.

The soulful tune of Jarom Eubanks’ angelic pipes are all you need to reaffirm your faith in the fact that he is as careful with hitting the notes as he is with the production of the track.

Jarom Eubanks’ brand of pop is very much of the here and now — if you were going to craft a sound that is ‘today’, then the pristine drum beat, pulsating keyboards and haunted bruised tones of Eubanks on “Almost creation” wouldn’t be too far off. Without of course forgetting Eubank’s voice, which is clearly articulated, prominent and high-rising.



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Author: Buddy Nelson

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