Justice: “Voice Of The Voiceless (We Need Justice)” ft. Erinski, Sincurr, Akeem Williams

Songwriter and rapper Justice was born in Merseyside, and currently resides in Liverpool, UK. He started out in music doing production of dance and hardcore as well as emceeing, but says that his music was very different from what he does today. Going through some hard times he leaned on his music to get him through and started to write about his real-life experiences and feelings. He released his debut EP “My Life” in 2015 which contained songs about relationship issues and specifically a song about his son that lives separately from him. 2016 saw the release of the album, “In Lyrics”, which has now been followed in 2017, by the single “Voice Of The Voiceless (We Need Justice)” ft. Erinski, Sincurr, Akeem Williams.

This latest track, steps outside of Justice’s personal rapping style and affronts world issues, such as poverty, war, corruption, discrimination. The first point of note is that Justice’s rapping style is an acquired taste.

As opposed to those jaw dropping rappers with blistering flows, Justice’s delivery sits closer the laidback spoken work, but his true talent lies with his incredible storytelling – he has raps that can be deeply personal and affecting, as well as hard-hitting lyrically. He is comfortable talking about his struggles in life, including heartbreaking moments, but still has an uplifting message of hope for humanity as well as on a personal level.

That Justice is an intelligent artist, is easily understood by the fact that he knows exactly where he stands with his music: “The music I believe I do is not everybody’s jam or ideal song but it’s the reasoning and experience I’m trying to put across in each song that matters to me,” says Justice.

The beat and production on “Voice Of The Voiceless (We Need Justice)” ft. Erinski, Sincurr, Akeem Williams, created by Sinima Beats is impeccable – your head will be bumping to the lusciously layered track, which leaves enough space for Justice and the song’s features to sing and rhyme their parts.

Justice bursts out of the gates here with a voice that is very warm and inviting citing the long list of what’s wrong in society today, while the features respond with the recipe for a better world. If you consider yourself even a passing fan of underground hip hop, and you have an open mind concerning rap styles, you should add this track to your library. Simply put, it is essential in broadening your listening horizons.


Voice Of The Voiceless (We Need Justice) by Justice ft. Erinski, Sincurr & Akeem Williams

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Author: Rick Jamm

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