K. Banks: “I’m Gone” – no-holds-barred, heart-on-the-sleeve candor!

Born Keylan Bankston, 23 year old Arkansas artist K. Banks comes from humble beginnings and has always had a passion for music just like his father before him. In 2009 his mother invested money into a studio microphone, which ignited the fire and elevated the way K. Banks perceived music. A true DIY artist, he promptly taught himself the rudiments of studio recording. In 2012 his single titled “I’m a millionaire” was featured on Coast 2 Coast Mixtapes Vol. 214 hosted by the legendary Q-Tip from St. Albans, Queens.

K. Banks

K. Banks

Since then K. Banks has had a very strong presence with social media and fans. In 2016, two single’s “Like-A-Boss” and “Never Gon Change” accumulated over 2 million views in just a few short weeks. “Never Gon Change” made it to number 11 on the Soundcloud top 50 charts. Most recent releases such as “Fatherless Child” and “I’m Gone” have also reached a staggering 3 million listens each.

K. Banks does not mince words. It’s his great gift, really. As a rapper, he’s perfectly comfortable reeling off technical displays, between rapping and singing, but his best songs are rooted strongly in the tradition of blunt-force honesty, and his best music and rhymes emerge straight from the gut. And that’s exactly what he does on “I’m Gone” as he describes his grind and tracks his personal experiences as an artist and young man.

The track clearly suggests that K. Banks’ no-holds-barred, heart-on-the-sleeve candor, is working for him. The appeal of K. Banks is that he offers the maximum amount of…K. Banks, and here he turns out as much of that personal product as he can offer.

K. Banks

K. Banks

“I’m Gone” is a sustained and triumphant outpouring, and K. Banks gives every good, bad, and sad thing he has experienced on his way to getting where he is. It may be the best single release of his young career so far: It’s more melodic and more focused; fiercer, sadder and even a little nostalgic, as he throws in lines like: “I’m looking back on my past life, what did I do so wrong. And I don’t ever want to leave you, look at how far I’ve gone. I’m gone yeah.”

The mood-inducing music, full of resonating piano and delicate synths, feels dramatic, yet uplifting, as it is steadily pushed ahead by the hand-clapping beat. K. Banks bursts into melody almost as often as he raps on “I’m Gone”, which leads me to believe that he is the perfect incarnation of the 21st Century rapper – K. Banks is his own best hook singer, his best songwriter, his best producer, and the best rapper on his songs. Now tell that to some of his peers!


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Author: Jacob Aiden

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