Natalie Major: “Human” (Prod. by Robot Koch) – a feeling of authenticity to her words

Indie Singer/Songwriter Natalie Major has released her most recent single “Human”, which is produced by Robot Koch. The song really shows her vocal range and her power, while still providing all the nuances and emotion in her delivery. She stretches her voice and sometimes lets it break a little, which lends a feeling of authenticity to her words.

Natalie’s enrapturing talent shines as she offers a well-produced pop ballad with her unique and always impressive vocal inflections. She has the sound of someone singing for and about her life.

Natalie Major is that new breed of artist that sings of meaningful things that touch so many of us tired of the mechanized churning out of American Pop tropes of money, profanity, narcissism, and fame.

Instead Natalie focuses on the deeper emotions, the real ones, those that sometimes make us falter and fall; that pinch of something we call being human, as she sings: “I am only human. Show me that you’re human.” With this track she has created a unique melody and a moving story, while her intonations and vocal styling will capture your attention and entrance your senses.

Everything I love about a contemporary pop ballad, Natalie has managed to squeeze into this song and she has does so elegantly and tastefully. Musically, she stands squarely in the middle of the road that many would-be singing divas are attempting to take, but it is her earthy personality and soulful honesty that lends her a kind of cutting edge advantage.

The beauty of Natalie’s singing is how effortless it is. The depth of her notes is luxurious while her upper range lends a twist of soul. She gives herself space and time, the words falling neatly in sync with the music and rhythm. She has the advantage of being able to stretch vowels and add syllables at will.

The rest of the magic that transpires from this song is due to the warm and exquisite piano-driven production done by Robot Koch. He keeps the arrangement lush and rich, yet smooth and mellow enough to allow Natalie Major to color the sound palette at will with her voice.


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Author: Rick Jamm

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