Nicolle & The Joonoos – As If…

Nicolle & The Joonoos are hitting the scene fast with music that not only rocks, but rolls! Whether you’re into head-bopping, foot tapping or just plain old finger dancing, you won’t be able to resist the pulsing rhythms of their music. Don’t be fooled by the uplifting vibe of their music, it is juxtaposed by all the stress of a teen-girls life!


After receiving unprecedented success of their first release “Sideline” in September 2016, receiving over 5,000 streams and downloads! Nicolle & The Joonoos are excited to release their debut EP “As If…”. Developing on the back-bone of their last release, they enhance the MST Sound further and now begin to the ‘Vintage-Indie” genre to new heights and audiences. The main track “Pass Time Love” is already following the same vain and becoming a favourite across the airways.



We could describe this EP as “Stunning”, “incredible”, “phenomenal”, etc, etc… We won’t. There will always be people who don’t like Nicolle & The Joonoos. But equally, as their snowballing fanbase and industry “buzz” demonstrates, there will always be those who love them! Whichever side of the Marmite debate people fall on, one thing is for sure… Anyone who is serious about music will have to give their music a bloody good listen! This is a EP and an Artist, that’s impossible to ignore!

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