Rev Peter Unger: “Heaven Only Knows” – Beautiful, inspirational contemporary Christian music

Rev Peter Unger the gospel, country and folk artist has released yet another single, entitled “Heaven Only Knows”. Beautiful, inspirational contemporary Christian music. The song is absolutely stunning in its simplicity. The instrumentation is a combination of a typical pop folk band – gentle acoustic and electric guitars dominate the organic arrangement. The vocals are also excellent. Rev Peter Unger has a pleasant voice reminiscent of James. The message in the song is uplifting and spiritual, and the music itself is wonderful. Be prepared to have your heartstrings tugged at.

Rev Peter Unger

Rev Peter Unger

Unger’s music is a marvelous blend of the sounds of Country and Folk which he infuses with praise for He who created us all in a sublime and understated way. The lyrics are easy to pick up, and you just can’t help but sing along.

It can be better than 3 cups of coffee to get you going, and then turn around, and be as soothing as your Mom’s old down comforter on a rainy day. A sense of beautiful musicality and powerful words intertwined with a sterling melody permeates the track.

I really enjoyed listening to this single, as I was already familiar with Rev Peter Unger’s work. Some of the songs are like old friends, and some are brand new to me. I am not necessarily a fan of contemporary Christian music. It can be nice, but musically can be bland and formulaic.

I can’t count the number of songs that start low for a verse, then build to a chorus that is sung at one octave higher for drama and repeat. Unger doesn’t have any of this pretenses built into his songwriting or musical arrangements. He keeps his songs straight and simple, based solely on the strengths of its melody and the words he sings. His voice does the rest to capture the listener’s attention.

The Rev Peter Unger is an excellent songwriter, and his lyrics shine here. That mixed with his wonderful musical ability make Unger’s songs infectious to the ears in my opinion. He appeals to a broad audience because of his unassuming style and his spirituality. All of which are present on “Heaven Only Knows”.


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Author: Buddy Nelson

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