Robot Noize: “Wav Doodles” – a rancorous rhythmic monster!

Robot Noize is project by an artist from Milwaukee, WI. Originally a drummer Robot Noize continues to beat the skins in band called Behind The Weekend, and is also occupied with soundscaping, engineering and composition.  A musician for over 10 years he has released an experimental, eleven minute electronic track, infused and dominated by powerful percussion. The track is entitled “Wav Doodles”. Robot Noize sets a new benchmark for crossover drumming, marrying electronics and swift stick dexterity with pulverizing rock power.

“Wave Doodles” is more or less what the title says, as Robot Noize sonically draws on the electronic sound canvas. He shakes off context like water from a rain slicker, as his music grows impenetrable from bar one onward, arriving towards the end in increasingly large lumps of obtuse sound awash with groove. Alternately brilliant and frustrating, the track slowly unveils itself into a rancorous rhythmic monster.

“Wave Doodles” is an 11 minute marathon that defies categorization as stubbornly as the music on it. No matter how it’s classified, one thing is certain: it’s among the most uncompromising, impressive and eclectic percussive pieces of electronics you’ll come across. It’s not perfect, and still a rough draft according to its creator, but this eleven minutes of banging sound evokes tectonic plates shifting.

It’s prickly and requires patience as it journeys through frazzled and stomping beats that eventually open into a bright, but fleeting, vaguely melodic section, before being blown apart by squalls of thumping deep bass. Robot Noize seems to blend composition and randomization, trading melody for meter as “Wav Doodles” moves spontaneously without rhyme or reason, and resists whatever narrative you might want to stick on it.

Eleven minutes of dense, bewildering and occasionally fun electronic music, it sounds like a logical next step into the unknown for a music pioneer – which is what Robot Noize has to be, considering the arrangement at hand here.

Though it has a clear form and substance, “Wav Doodles” is a track that seems intent on moving beyond the need for conventional formats: you could jump in at any point, and have as an enriching an experience as listening to it linearly. The important thing is to give the track, the full attention it rightly deserves, preferably on decent headphones or good quality speakers.


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Author: Jacob Aiden

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