Roddan creates an entire aural universe on the spacious “Music House”.

Embodying the best of folk is Roddan’s straight from the heart delivery on “Music House”. Besides folk, elements of country, southern rock, the blues and classical help to create a rich vibrant sound. Right at the center of it all are Roddan’s careful, articulate lyrics that express the joys and tragedies that come in life. Vocals are pure, pristine, and delivered with the utmost of passion. The careful arrangements feel reminiscent at times of Lambchop’s luxurious, intricate pieces. Unlike that group, Roddan goes for an even more eclectic sound letting a variety of instruments that go far beyond the usual folk trappings. Exploration of texture is done with true finesse for Roddan is one who ensures that experimentation and memorability work hand in hand.

“Cross To Bear” opens the album on a high note, with glistening organ and rollicking rhythms. His vocals hint at a bluesy quality as a song of hope for the downtrodden. Patricia Vonne adds to the overall loveliness of “Bitter Pill”. Featuring incredible soloing, the whole of “Bitter Pill” is delivered with great power. Stripping things down to the essentials is the raw intimacy of “Far Away”. Deeply comforting is the dreamy-eyed work of “I Can’t See”. Easily the highlight of the album is the ambitious work of “Same Conversation” whose meditative instrumentation only adds to its sense of otherworldliness. Hard rock defines the fantastic “Crossroad Dues”. Serving as a thoughtful end to the album is the graceful “Reconciliation”.



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