Scotty Nando: “Finesse” Prod. by The Hectic Jwet Boyz – to complex to be boxed in!

Young Haitian artist Scotty Nando is busy promoting his track “Finesse” produced by The Hectic Jwet Boyz. Scotty Nando is emerging from the crowd with a rasping, distinctive voice and skillfully crafted lyrics, backed up with typically excellent beat. The track is consistently brilliant throughout, and if anything, strengthens bar by bar. Never mind the uncompromising, overly-aggressive lyrics; Scotty Nando relays his thoughts with style and diplomacy, successfully merging his knowledge of the streets, with his own mindset and the desire to make waves in the rap game.

Scotty Nando

Scotty Nando

While the world wets itself over cute new rap stars there’s a formidable force who has been rising from Haiti to Miami to New Jersey. Scotty Nando is a diverse emcee who flips devastating rhyme schemes over fast-to-slow beats filled with angry or laid back lyrics.

Scotty also possesses an intense, distinctive, no-nonsense flow, while “Finesse” is unrelentingly repetitive in its keyword line, but also highly effective, mainly because Scotty Nando does what he does with conviction and skill.

As the year blazes to a finish it’s become clear that 2016 has been one of the craziest years in hip-hop history. I don’t mean crazy in a “so dope I can’t describe it” kind of way, more like in the “bust out the straight jacket and white walls” sense.

It’s even crazier if you think that “Finesse by Scotty Nando already popped out about a year ago, but only made it to my table now.  Thank heavens though, for rappers like Scotty Nando who are subtly rebelling against an industry that only allows them to be one thing; gangster or lover, paper-chaser or backpacker.

Scotty sounds like too complex an artist to be boxed in, and he’s talented enough to make any style work. In an era where rappers are suffering from industry-wide nervous breakdowns Scotty Nando is hard at work finding the solution to getting his brand up on the radar.

He has been turning out a string of releases and quality videos along with his crew, showing that you can still be who and what you want to be. It may just take a little longer to reach your desired audience along the underground wire, but the results are so much sweeter that way. Without a doubt, Scotty Nando comes through on “Finesse” produced by The Hectic Jwet Boyz . You will not be disappointed.


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Author: Jacob Aiden

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