Surauchie explores the necessary growth that life brings on “Everyday”. With immaculate glistening production, the song simply shines. With a neat mixture of R&B, jazz, and pop, the style feels just right. The true soul of the track comes from the impressive vocals, which show off a great range. Elements of nostalgia come to define the lyrics, which display a real knack for storytelling. Incorporated within these lyrics a poetic quality helps to drive them forward. Further emphasizing the spirit of the track the gentle tones radiate a sense of goodwill, ones that feels optimistic to their very core. Nicely driving the piece forward, the bass-heavy groove has nearly an emotional component to it while it displays a nimble quality.

The song begins wordlessly, incorporating a light field recording. Once this drops out the melody remains. Upon the vocals entering the mix the song truly begins. Keeping things down to the essentials the piece has a light, airy quality to it. Lyrics show how a person succeeds, little by little until the goal is reached. Over the course of the piece Surauchie lets the story tell of how difficult such a journey can be, of how it can take a lot of time to try and get it right. By the very finale everything simply drops away as the cyclical nature returns to that gorgeous beginning.

Infinitely catchy and downright tender, Surauchie creates a reassuring piece of pop with the memorable melodies of “Everyday”.

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