VerseBorn: “Work Ethics” ft. Drego has a determined undercurrent

VerseBorn of KonQuest Now and Drego of DreProductions have teamed up to deliver “Work Ethics”, a track meant to drop gems of wisdom and propagate peace over a smooth VerseBorn production. The San Francisco based VerseBorn has not only amassed a worldwide following, but has had the privilege of writing and producing for many popular artists associated with major record labels including Universal Music Group, Def Jam Recordings, E-One Music, Interscope and more.

I’ve been a fan of VerseBorn and the KonQuest Now movement for a while. VerseBorn, and most of the other dudes involved in the project are among those few artists that the average person can really relate to. And VerseBorn really gets better musically and lyrically with each release.

I think with “Work Ethics” he and Drego open another window into their and our lives, a little more than usual. They’re not just telling bland stories about life but they talk about real trials and tribulations everyone is affronted with, in our ‘big brother’ society.

“Work Ethics”, which has been mixed and mastered by another talented and acclaimed San Francisco native – Juante415“highlights and glorifies ideals centered around having a clear focus towards setting and reaching goals as well as remaining level-headed in a system deemed hostile towards minorities and free-thinkers,” says it’s writer, just in case anybody is having any doubts about where this song is leading lyrically.

Although us critics would lead you to believe that we are all independent, objective thinkers, the truth is that we’re often very predictable marketing tools who can be easily manipulated by using a proper set of variables. And the same thing happens in almost every other sphere of life, if we allow ourselves to be manipulated by those who would love to control us.

VerseBorn and Drego show us that we can move ahead of these almost imposed limitations with the proper mindset. VerseBorn is silently becoming the ‘next big thing’ in underground hip-hop, a particularly impressive achievement considering the bi-coastal regionalism of the genre.  So the expectations for “Work Ethics” have been very, very high. And it doesn’t disappoint.

All the elements that make VerseBorn and KonQuest Now so hot are present here. But whereas some previous works may have sounded like the intellectually complex basement revelations of an emotionally yet stubbornly resilient young man-of-the-world, “Work Ethics” has a determined undercurrent that, despite how hard you try to look past it, is unmistakable and pervasive.


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Author: Rick Jamm

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